Our love affair with famous cars

Cars are a guy thing, we all agree. Men just love getting behind the wheel of a hot car or buying a car that expresses their personality exactly.  A car can be macho or a car can be elegant. It can be crazy or say that the owner is a drunk redneck. That’s why some movie cars are almost as famous as the actors they co-star with—and maybe much more famous.

Long after Burt Reynolds is gone, The Firebird Trans Am muscle car that costarred with him in Smokey and the Bandit will live on in the memories of movie fans.  It’s a classic movie and the car has become a classic itself, with a throaty, masculine style.

What would Miami Vice be without its Ferraris? We don’t hear much about actor Don Johnson these days, but Ferraris are hotter than ever, especially in California, where you can see them being driven on any freeway. When the makers of Miami Vice looked for a car that represented the excess and cool of the characters it was the Ferrari that stood out. It became its own character, too.

So did the 1969 Dodge Charger that starred in the Dukes of Hazzard.  It is another example of the way a car can help set the mood and character (or lack of character) on film or television.

Most little kids know all about the Love Bug and the cute 1960s VW Beetle that co-starred became a beloved character in and of itself.  The Beetle is an icon of the 1960s, with it’s cute little rounded shape found on every corner back then.  Its revival in more recent years was well-received, although the car had a slightly different design. Still, it was clearly a Beetle and it sold like hotcakes.

Style, taste and elegance in a car? You’d be talking about the Aston Martin DB5 that had a key role in Goldfinger.  Doesn’t ever spy drive an Aston Martin?

The Dark Knight’s crazy customized Lamborghini Tank looks like something out of fantasy, and is. Can you imagine calling an insurance company and telling them that you’re looking for low-priced Illinois auto insurance quotes on that baby?  How would they even calculate a rate for you?

There’s no question that Americans love to see cool cars in film and on TV and that the cars become beloved as characters.